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Watch on YouTube: David & Victoria vs the NZ Couriers with No Unpackaged Cycle Delivery Service

Meet David. David lives in Wellington and he sold his bicycle in an online auction to Victoria.

But Victoria lives in Auckland. For some strange reason, Victoria does not want to come to Wellington to pick up the bike. David likes exercise, but he doesn’t fancy cycling to Auckland. Maybe another time.

David asked the local courier company if they could courier his bike to Auckland for him. And they said sure! As long as you remove the pedals, take off the handle bars, detach the front wheel, get a special box that’s made for bicycles, bubble wrap everything and pack all the parts neatly inside.

So David went to university, got a degree in how to package a bicycle and prepared a beautifully boxed bike that would have brought a tear to Houdini’s eye.

Good to go, he called the courier company again to book the pick up. “Great!” they said, “would you like to buy a book of twenty tickets so you can send a bicycle to Auckland every week for the next 5 months, or would you prefer to complete this 8 page form and wait 2 weeks while we perform a credit check and then open an account for you?”

Dejected David called Victoria to give her the bad news. No bicycle delivery would happen this side of the New Zealand annual nudists moped and bicycle race.

“Oh, you poor ignorant fool” she mocked compassionately. Don’t you know the best NZ couriers will deliver your bike door to door. You can make a one off delivery and you don’t even have to package it!

So David and Victoria exchanged bicycles and lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story?

Always ask for a bicycle delivery guide from your favourite online NZ couriers before you try to send a bicycle anywhere.

Unless you’re really good at origami. Like David is - now.


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